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Latest news of the 2023 season

Despite a generalized increase in all the costs of our daily life (such as energy, transport, raw materials, etc.) the Parco delle Querce is one of the few Theme Parks that has not increased the price of admission and its stations. We have undertaken to leave the prices of seats, admission and deposits unchanged. Not only that, we have renovated other areas and equipped the system with higher security systems and equipped the picnic area with decoration and access control workers. Below is a summary of the novelties that await you for this season.

• Arrangement of workstations in popular places.
◦ In the grey, red and green sectors we have fixed the shading with the installation of fixed and rigid structures that allow you to have shade without using an umbrella. This will allow you to always find the location ready and clean and will avoid the risk of umbrellas breaking in the event of a sudden wind.

• New reservation system.
◦ Many last year complained about the difficulty in booking and the high cost of commissions related to online booking. To meet our customers we have created our own app through collaboration with Bookizon and therefore from today it is possible to book quickly either through this very popular app in our area or directly from our website. Nothing easier!

• Refurbishment of the flooring with non-slip material.
◦ The old flooring has been replaced by a new non-slip surface. Even the area around the pool, especially in the orange area, frequented by children, has been completely redone to increase the level of safety for the little ones.

Compulsory foot washing stations set up before entering the pools.
◦ Some automatic foot washers have been positioned around the pools which will allow washing before entering the pool and also upon exiting. Access to the pools has therefore been regulated by mandatory routes that will allow washing and entrances.

New inflatable attractions for the little ones
◦ To make the Park even more colorful and fun, we have installed new large inflatables, to allow children to have even more attractions and games, always in absolute safety.

• Hours postponed by half an hour
◦ To allow customers to take full advantage of the day, we have slightly changed the entry and exit times. You can now enjoy the Park’s attractions until 6.30pm (instead of 6pm) on weekdays and until 7pm on public holidays!

Compulsory use of swimming cap in the pool
◦ From this year it is compulsory to use a swimming cap in the swimming pools. The same ones are also on sale, if they don’t have them, in our internal sector (behind the ticket office).

Unchanged prices of both the stations and the entrance tickets
◦ The park has left its admission price list unchanged from last year despite a widespread increase in prices overall. The only sector that sees its cost increase is ORANGE, an increase justified by the safety changes on the floor and on the new attractions.

• Parking with a fixed fee of 2 euros
◦ Parking for the use of the Acquapark, which last year was regulated with a free offer to the employee, from this year is at a fixed rate of 2 euros per car.

Picnic area with fee of 1 euro per person, with regulated entrance, toilet service and more cleaning
◦ The picnic area has been equipped with a bathroom available to customers and in addition we have dedicated a person in charge of cleaning the area and a person in charge of regulating access. For this reason, the area will be accessible with the payment of a ticket of 1 euro per person to be collected at the ticket office.

Entry bracelet with deposit of 1 euro
◦ The rubber bracelet that allows access to the gates (turnstiles) and which works as an electronic bracelet has a deposit of 1 euro, instead of 2 euro as initially last year.

Locker, cost 1 euro and deposit of 2 euro
◦ The use of the locker costs 1 euro and a deposit of 2 euro (last year it was 4 euro)

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