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• Payment at the entrance is completed with the delivery of an identification bracelet that must be worn by all guests, especially when moving inside the park. The bracelet is valid as an entrance ticket, cannot be transferred and must be returned upon final exit of the facility.

• The bracelet has a deposit of € 2.00 in case of loss or forgetfulness, the deposit will be returned at the exit.

• To temporarily exit the park you have to go back through the turnstiles.

• We decline all responsibility for damage and accidents to people or things, for theft or loss and for non-compliance with this regulation.

• The eventual closure of the attractions due to technical or climatic factors or the lack of electricity, will not give the right to a full or partial refund of the ticket.

• The management reserves the right to close the park at any time, to safeguard the safety of people, without having to reimburse the ticket in whole or in part.

• On days with gusty winds the umbrellas must be closed.

• In case of a thunderstorm, immediately move away from the pools, attractions and trees.

• The breaking of the donut involves the payment of the same, fixed at € 20.00.

• The advice of lifeguards and managers must be strictly observed.

• The entrance stairs to the attractions can only be used to access the slides.

• It is forbidden to walk on the water recycling grates.

• Before entering the water or accessing the attractions, you must take a shower. The use of any shampoo, soap or other detergent is forbidden.

• The use of the attractions is reserved for those who can swim.

• Those who cannot swim and for children, must use a float or life jacket in the pools.

• Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied and constantly supervised by an adult.

• Children up to 120 cm in height must only use the attractions in the baby area.

• The slides in the baby area are reserved for children under 120 cm in height.

Attractions open half an hour after opening hours and close half an hour before closing

• The “MULTIPISTA” attraction (blue slide) is intended exclusively for people with a minimum height of 110 cm and a maximum weight of 100 kg.

• The attractions “KAMIKAZE” (red slide) and “BLACK HOLE” (black slide) are intended exclusively for people with a minimum height of 140 cm and a maximum weight of 100 kg

• The “TOBOGA” attraction (yellow slide) is intended exclusively for people with a minimum height of 120 cm and a maximum weight of 100 kg.

• The attractions have a technical break from 12.30 to 14.00. The swimming pool is always open.

• The staff or lifeguards can remove from the structure anyone who causes annoyance or does not respect the rules of good conduct or the rules of this regulation.

• Anyone who is removed for these reasons will not be able to request a full or partial refund of the ticket.

• It is strongly recommended to wear a swim cap.

• It is forbidden to enter rooms and areas reserved for insiders.

• Failure to comply with even a single point of this regulation affects any insurance indemnity.


• To run or play dangerous games, play ball, water pistols.

• To dive

• To introduce animals.

• To move umbrellas, tables, chairs and deck chairs.

• To occupy the deckchairs if not hired.

• For adults, to use the slides in the baby area.

• To use the slides for heart sufferers, for pregnant women, for disabled persons who are not self-sufficient, in general for anyone with precarious health conditions or diseases that can worsen after the use of the attractions, for the wearers of devices life-saving (e.g. pacemakers, subcutaneous needles, etc.) and for those in a psycho-physical state altered by the use of drugs or alcohol.

• To use the wave pool for non-swimmers and children under the age of 11 unless accompanied by an adult.

• To smoke, drink or eat near the slides and swimming pools.

• To introduce personal chairs, deck chairs and umbrellas.

• To introduce food and drinks brought from outside.


• The pools, slides and attractions of this park have been designed according to CE regulations and built in order to ensure maximum safety for anyone who uses them correctly.

• Check at the entrance of each attraction and in the regulations the safety rules to be respected and the restrictions related to age, height, handicap, convalescence and physical and structural health conditions.

• Some attractions cannot be used by people with body dimensions that prevent the safety regulations from functioning properly. The staff in charge reserves the right to verify these conditions.

• Do not run and overtake on the access stairs and do not wear glasses, jewelry of any type.

• During the descent do not cling to the edges of the slides.

• Always use the donut for the black slide.

• The donuts must be collected in the respective “collection points” set up near the attractions that require their use.

• Move away immediately from the exit area of ​​the slides.

• Wear swimming shoes or non-slip slippers and for those with special needs, swimming goggles.

For info: tel. 099 811 3600 –  389 0046126 (from 09:00 to 18:00) or email:

IMPORTANT: Unaccompanied minors must present at the entrance / ticket office the Disclaimer of liability for minors signed by their parents, which can be downloaded at the following link: DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY FOR MINORS


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