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Apulia, the most loved location for your wedding

Why should you get married in Apulia?

It may be because of the enchanting and varied scenery, it may be because it is a magical place, it may be because of a summer that lasts a very long time, but Apulia is now one of the most popular destinations as a location for weddings.

Apulia is a fantastic attractive region, well known also abroad.

 “yes, i do” in Apulia is now more used in its international version than in italian
 I highly suggest you getting married here for different reasons and … You will not regret:



  • Apulia is known not only for its beauty but also for its food: this will be the key to success among your guests.
  • The guests will savor the tastes of a cuisine that wants to rediscover the truest and most authentic Apulian food and wine vocation – the wise result of millennia of history and recipes – which is a return to the origins, to genuine and true tastes, to local zero-kilometer production. They will taste local wine and oil and homemade bread.
  • 0 km products such as broad beans, chickpeas, peas, wild herbs – asparagus, wild chicory and borage among others – will regain importance and predominance in a context such as that of a wedding lunch: simple foods but with excellent quality. These are dishes from the peasant world that give the taste of authentic Puglia, tradition and simplicity that blend perfectly with the presentation of particularly refined mise en place, in the purely country chic style.

Fruit, vegetables from vegetable gardens and organic farming, grown with ancient production systems will be the distinctive character of a truly authentic marriage lived with all five senses.


  • Thanks to the revaluation and restructuring of these farms, the way has been paved for a work of recovery of the Apulian culinary tradition, in particular contexts such as weddings.
  • The setting up of the rooms and tables will also feature naturalistic details: place cards, tableau de marriage and many other elements typical of a wedding setting will merge with the colors and scents of nature. The large wooden tables will house earthenware terrines, with warm and natural colors.





The farm allows you to bring together many different environments in a single structure where you can organize the various moments of a wedding banquet. Thus the old barn becomes the space for a lunch or a wedding dinner in the name of elegance and refinement as well as the search for naturalistic detail.

The magic of the past relives within the walls of Parco delle Querce, the historic courtyard where time seems to have stopped. The structure that encloses the well-kept garden with the presence of centuries-old oaks reigns supreme and the gaze is soon captured by a triumph of Mediterranean scrub and myrtle scents. It is therefore easy to imagine how such a sophisticated scenario can be perfect for your wedding in Apulia.

The courtyard, once a crossroads of the productive activities of farmers, now leaves room for the bride and groom at their arrival  and  offers a particularly suggestive atmosphere under the oak for the welcome cocktail. And what about the immense surrounding green spaces (woods, olive trees and Mediterranean scrub) which together with the farm, at any time of the day, with the right light, offer fairy-tale settings for a traditional wedding revisited in a modern way.

The colors, the views, the characteristic views of Apulia will enhance the historical charm of the interiors of these little jewels. The scenery of Parco delle Querce will give you the opportunity to make your dream wedding in Apulia come true.


The hospitality of these rural buildings is the expression of ancient architecture nowadays appreciated for its linearity and simplicity.

  • The typical farm follows the Mediterranean construction scheme of the agricultural court, with a fortified wall, an enclosure and the courtyard overlooked by the various buildings. The wedding banquet at Parco delle Querce is a great party to share with loved ones, characterized by welcome and hospitality, typical of Apulia.
  • Puglia with its wedding locations offers the possibility of celebrating civil and religious weddings while maintaining a sober and refined level of beauty, without excesses in the preparations. In fact, in recent years the prevailing trend is that of country chic: weddings celebrated mostly in gardens, with simple objects, minimal but welcoming and warm lights, wildflowers and maximum serenity even in the choice of clothes and requests to the guests to dress in an elegant but not excessive way, so that the party can be enjoyed to the fullest. Many couples choose Puglia also because of the pleasure that the guests have to spend a few days enjoying the territory before or after the wedding day.

Apulia: a land that becomes your land

Those who come to Apulia often become part of it. Many people who come across an experience in Apulia for a simple vacation, curiosity, end up loving it as if it belonged to them.

Apulia belongs, Apulia gives itself. It is difficult to know it and continue to feel it as a stranger, anyone who comes to Apulia will forever be a little bit Apulian. And getting married in Apulia is a bit like marrying Apulia.

Parco delle Querce Simplicity Made Excellence.

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